Practice tools

APRIL 12th & APRIL 13th, 2018


Ahoy! Anything Goes Cast,

This web page hosts the practice recordings and lyric sheets you will use to learn the songs for this year’s musical - Anything Goes (YPE).

How to practice

1. Review the lyric sheet or your the notes in your script so you know what part you should be singing.

2. Listen to the practice track for your part while looking at the script or lyric sheet to learn the melody and words.

3. Practice with thepractice track for your part until you feel like you know all the words and are singing the right notes.

4. Once you have learned your part, you can try singing along with the guide vocal track or a practice track for one of the other parts to make sure you really know it.

Happy practicing!

- Ms. Sarah

** If a track on this page is missing or takes you to an error page, please post a note on the NEMS Theater facebook page. **

tech week (wk 10)


Students must have rides! If you need help coordinating transportation, please contact Ms. Buzelli (

Blow, Gabriel, Blow choreo

Note: this is the full cast dance, but these are NOT the words you sing.

Public Enemy Number One Choreo

Week 9


Students must have rides! If you need help coordinating transportation, please contact Ms. Buzelli (

WEEk 8

#27 Finale

Ensemble Parts

week 7

#12 There Will Always Be a Lady Fair

Ensemble Parts

week 6

#21 Blow, Gabriel Blow

Vocal Parts

Week 5

#24 All Through the Night

Character Parts



#18 Public Enemy Number One

Ensemble Parts

WEek 4

#07 Bon Voyage

Ensemble parts

Group 1 - altos + basses, Group 2 - sopranos + tenors

Group A - sopranos + basses, Group B - altos + tenors,

WEek 2 & 3

#04 There's No Cure Like Travel

Characters Parts

Ensemble Parts

#03 I Get a Kick Out of You

We have made this tune a duet.

Character Parts


Week 1

#17 Anything Goes

Characters Parts

Ensemble Parts

About the Lyrics - The "Mrs. R" mentioned in the song is Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States.

Beginning in 1934, Mrs. Roosevelt had a weekly radio show, which was sponsored by the Simmons Mattress Company. The advertising sponsorship was controversial at the time because some people felt that she was taking advantage of the presidency and he position as First Lady. In her 12 years as first lady, ER hosted eight commercially sponsored radio shows.


Cole Porter (1891 - 1964) was an American composer and songwriter.

Born to a wealthy family in Indiana, he defied the wishes of his domineering grandfather and took up music as a profession.

Classically trained, he was drawn towards musical theatre. He began to achieve success in the 1920s, and by the 1930s he was one of the major songwriters for the Broadway musical stage.

Unlike many successful Broadway composers of the 1930s and 40s, Porter wrote the lyrics, as well as the music, for his songs. His most famous show "Kiss Me Kate," won the first Tony Award for Best Musical and ran for 1,077 performances in the New York and 400 in the London.

Porter composed the musical "Anything Goes" in 1934. The show ran for 420 performances in New York and 261 performances in London.