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Singing Lessons for Individuals and Groups, ages 8 to 108.

Sarah’s studio is in south Minneapolis. Voice lessons are 30 or 50 minutes.

Sarah is accepting new voice students.

To request an introductory lesson, click here. (Or call 608-338-6840).

Studying voice

I believe to be better singers, we need to be smarter, more informed singers. Working together, you and I will study your voice to learn more about how it works and what it (and you *smile*) can do.

You will make your best progress if we meet regularly. Regular lessons are the best way to learn new techniques and implement good habits for singing.

I ask new students to sign up for a 10-lesson package. In addition, incoming students should schedule at least two lessons a month. (I have learned that it is just too hard for you to make and see progress if we meet less often than that.)

After completing the initial 10-lesson series, continuing students can schedule lessons in 10- or 4-lesson blocks.

What can I learn in lessons?

Whatever you want. Okay, whatever you want about singing. *smile* I tailor the lessons I teach to meet each student’s goals and interests.

Past students have studied and/or practiced the following:

  • Vocal warmups and exercises to develop vocal technique and improve breath control
  • Vocal health, vocal anatomy and caring for the voice
  • The differences between singing and speaking (diction)
  • Lyric interpretation and song personalization
  • Vocal improvisation, including jazz improvisation (scat singing)
  • How to articulate the differences between musical genres (jazz, R&B, reggae, country, etc.)
  • How to read music and music theory
  • Chart-writing basics
  • Microphone technique
  • Sight Singing
  • Performing and stage presence skills

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How do I start my lessons?

To get started, request an introductory lesson (45 minutes, $35).

During your introductory lesson, we will talk about what you want to learn and where (or if) you have sung in the past. Then we will do a bit of singing and I will outline my plan for our lessons together. Finally, I make time to answer any questions you may have about singing, singing lessons or studying with me.

If you enjoy working with me and want to continue, you will purchase one of my lesson packages and we will schedule your lessons. Your introductory lesson fee ($35) will be credited toward the cost of your lesson package.

If we decide it is not a fit, there is no obligation and you keep the introductory lesson materials, including the vocal warmup CD.

What are your prices?

New Student Packages
10-lesson Packages
50-minute weekly lessons (10) $745
50-minute biweekly lessons (10) $825
30-minute weekly lessons (10) $495
30-minute biweekly lessons (10) $525
Continuing Student Packages
4-lesson Packages
50-minute weekly lessons (4) $275
50-minute biweekly lessons (4) $305
30-minute weekly lessons (4) $180
30-minute biweekly lessons (4) $205

Single session pricing available upon request.

Click here to request an introductory lesson. (Or call 608-338-6840).

Tuition is prepaid with cash or online through PayPal.

For incoming and continuing students who cannot afford to pay in full, payment terms may be negotiated for an additional fee. A minimum of 50% is due on or before your first (not introductory) lesson.

 *Prices above are for students taking lessons in Sarah’s studio in South Mpls. Lessons fees may increase for lessons at other locations.

When can I start?

Right away. I am accepting students.
Complete this form (or call 608-338-6840) to request your introductory lesson.

Still have questions?

Check out my singing lessons FAQ page or contact me.

Remember to sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter! ~sg

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