About Sarah

sg-auw4Hi, I’m Sarah.

I practice, study and teach the art of spontaneous singing. (Also known as vocal improvisation)

In other words, I help singers sing what they need to say.

I am passionate – some might say evangelical – about every person’s right to sing and the power of singing to change the world.

I help people find out what they are “supposed to sound like” so they can find a unique and joyful place from which to sing, whether they sing on stage, in the studio or in the shower. Currently, I teach singing privately and at Minneapolis Community & Technical College (MCTC).

I help organizations – from choirs to conference attendees to co-workers – build connections and community through singing together.

From monthly Songtaneous singing sessions to workshops to conference keynotes, I lead fun and engaging singing events that help participants become better listeners, communicators, decision makers and community members. I have presented my Songtaneous singing sessions at numerous events, festivals and conferences, including the 30th Annual Women & Spirituality Conference in 2011.


I share my voice and my artistry through improvising in performance.

As a Twin Cities-based improvisational vocalist, I have “invented” music on local and international stages. I love performing with other artists, singers and instrumentalists. I work primarily on multi-disciplinary projects that support spontaneity, community and co-creation. I have worked with choirs, composers, dancers, and visual and spoken word artists.

I perform regularly in the Twin Cities with a cappella ensemble the Give Get Sistet and jazz quintet BLU-7, as well as guest-ing with a variety of players in other projects and collaborations throughout Minnesota (Anthony Cox’s Riotus N and Jay Young’s Lyric Factory to name a few).

Give Get Sistet

Performing with the Give Get Sistet

I have received two Artist Initiative Awards by the Minnesota State Arts Board and have a degree in vocal performance and a BSS which includes a concentration in music. I have studied vocal improvisation for over a decade with Rhiannon (a member of Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra) and with singers from around the world.

I am passionate about every person’s right to sing and the power of singing to change the world.

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Use my BOOKING REQUEST FORM to request a performance, Songtaneous sing, class, workshop, guest appearance or other singing event.


  • I have strong feelings about chocolate, caffeine, mayonnaise and pretzels. (Not all of these feelings are positive.)
  • I have a fraternal twin sister and a brother who is also a musician.
  • I have five letters in each of my names.
  • I have been called a gourmet baker.


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